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If you live in Kosovo, adoption is super easy! First, look below at the photos of the dogs and puppies that we currently have (each photo has a brief description). Second, let us know via email or what's up when you would like to visit the shelter. Third, come and take your new friend home! We do ask for a small adoption fee which helps us take care of more puppies and dogs. All the puppies and dogs in our shelter are fully vaccinated and all dogs older than 6 months are neutered and spayed. Our team can also offer recommendations on feeding and taking care of dogs and give you contacts of the pet stores and veterinary clinics.



Many of our dogs and puppies found loving homes in other countries in Europe and the US (see the Happy Stories!). All the dogs and pups in our shelter are fully vaccinated and all the dogs over 6 months old are neutered and spayed. Our team will also prepare the necessary international transportation documents and get the dog microchipped. If you are not physically in Kosovo, we can help find a volunteer to drive the pet or to take them on a plane. We ask you to cover the dog's transportation costs (travel crate and plane ticket together are usually between EUR400 - 600). We also ask you to pay an adoption fee - EUR150. We are a non-profit organization and the adoption fee helps us take care of many more dogs in the shelter. Here is more information about importing pets into the EU and the US.

Adopt a Dog: What We Do


Hover over the photos to see each dog's name

Please be aware: Young animals from non-listed third countries (Kosovo included) are eligible for import into countries like Germany, U.K., etc at the age of 7 months at the earliest (rabies vaccination after 12 weeks + blood sample 30 days after vaccination + a waiting period of 3 months).

Our website is being updated with new pups, if you are able to please visit us to see all of the adoptable dogs. We are also able to send more updated photos of our dogs via email or instragram @prishtinadogshelter_official 

Adopt a Dog: About Us
Adopt a Dog: Gallery
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