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How many dogs has the shelter helped to date?

Since our opening in 2014, we helped over 6000 street dogs from across Kosovo.

Do you accept all street dogs?

We wish we could accept every dog! However, our space and resources are limited. Therefore, we accept dogs that are in need of veterinary care or dogs that are in danger on the street (e.g. very young puppies, dogs with severe disabilities (e.g. blind).

What kind of help do you provide at the shelter?

Once we have the dog, we take it to the vet as many times as needed and vaccinate it. We then provide shelter and food for the dog until it fully recovers or, if it is a puppy, until it grows bigger. During this time, we also try our best to find a permanent home for the dog either in Kosovo or internationally. Over 300 of our dogs were happily adopted by wonderful people in Kosovo and all over the world.


What happens if no one adopts the dog?

We follow the Catch-Neuter-Return (CNR) model which World Animal Health Organization considers a sustainable way of controlling stray animal population. This model is followed in many European countries including Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Sweden. All of these countries have prohibited killing healthy street dogs and adopted the CNR model.

What does the CNR model mean?

If no one adopts the dog that has recovered or grown up often we have to release it back on the street. This is not something we want to do. However, our space and resources are limited and new dogs and puppies that need help are coming in all the time. Before we release the dog, we neuter or spay it and we always release the dog in the same area where we found it (unless that area is very unsafe). We collaborate with a wide network of street animal volunteers around Kosovo who feed the dogs in their area and keep an eye on them. We consider any good-hearted person who cares about street animals to be an activist/ volunteer! We believe that if street dogs are routinely treated, vaccinated, and neutered, with time there will be fewer stray animals in Kosovo.

Who covers your costs?

100% of our costs are covered through ad hoc donations from regular people, like you! 

We also rely on our €150 adoption fee and the support of our wonderful shelter and and street animal volunteers.  

How can I help?

You can support our efforts by adopting a dog, making a donation or volunteering at the shelter. We accept tools, dog food, blankets, cleaning supplies as a donation as well!  You can help closer to your home by feeding stray animals in your area and by informing us if you spot an animal that needs urgent help. 

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