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Welcome To Prishtina Dog Shelter

Our small team of staff and volunteers works year round to rescue and support stray dogs in Kosovo.

We provide shelter, food, and veterinary care for the dog until it fully recovers or, if it is a puppy, until it grows bigger. During this time, we work to get the dog adopted.

We receive rescue requests from the public through email and our social media and accept dogs on the basis of their need of veterinary care or  very young lone puppies, dogs with severe disabilities (e.g. blind), abuse cases, etc. Please note we cannot accept every dog as our resources are very limited. Despite this, we try our best to give you solutions as we understand the situation with stray animals is dire. 

For more information on our services please scroll down. 

Our Services

​​Dog Boarding:

At our facility, your dog will stay in our shared kennels, where they'll socialize with other dogs, receive daily attention from our caring staff and volunteers, and have all their individual needs met by our team members.

Temporary Hold (Adopted Dogs):


Dogs waiting for their travel documents often have to wait an average of 3-6 months before they can travel to the EU, other countries may have different requirements for Rabies quarantine

We provide the service of holding dogs at the shelter while they are in a quarantine period.

We do all of the paperwork required for travel. 

On certain occasions we can find flight volunteers traveling to your country, but in most cases the owner has to come pick up their adopted dogs themselves.

Rescuing a Sick/Hurt Dog / Lone Puppy (Not Adopted):


Depending on the severity of illness and required treatment, we require that the person who undertook their rescue to help with the vet bills. This applies to puppies as well, they require extra care and we ask that as a rescuer you help cover at least the vaccines and deworming treatment. 

Please message us on our Instagram or Email for more details on these services. 

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Up close porttrait of scruffy puppy


 Find steps for adopting a dog from the shelter domestically and internationally here.


Dog food donation


To help the dogs and puppies we have to cover food, veterinary expenses, dog houses, car maintenance and gas, rent and other essential things. Learn here about many ways to support our work.

Volunteer helping build a dog house


Our amazing volunteers keep us going! There are many ways to volunteer at the shelter from walking the dogs to helping fundraise online. Find a volunteer option that fits your schedule and interests here.

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He who feeds a hungry animal, feeds his own soul.

Charlie Chaplin


Please message us if you would like to visit, we will provide you with directions. We are in a municipality on the periphery of Prishtina.

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KFOR Italian Carabinieri - Kennel Project 

The winter of 2023-24 will always be remembered as a time when our shelter received a remarkable gift. Thanks to the generous support of NATO KFOR Italian Carabinieri and the local municipality of Gracanica, we were able to replace our old kennels with new ones. This updated infrastructure not only allows us to provide our dogs with better living conditions, but it also ensures the safety of our staff, volunteers, and visitors. We are excited to keep making a positive impact on the lives of our dogs thanks to this incredible donation.

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